Protect Your Sensitive Data

Kogni discovers sensitive data in your enterprise data sources, secures it, and continuously monitors for new sensitive data.


The Kogni Approach to Data Security

Kogni, the first purpose-built data lake solution focused on data security and governance, helps enterprises accelerate their implementations, maintain governance and keep their data trusted, secure and ready for analytics. Kogni helps organizations move beyond breach prevention and perimeter security. Kogni reduces the impact of a data breach by truly securing sensitive data.


Discover sensitive data in on-premise and cloud data sources


Protect sensitive data using masking, redaction, encryption, and tokenization


Continuously monitor data sources for new sensitive data

Kogni is a Cloudera Certified Technology

Kogni is a Cloudera Certified Technology


  • Discover

    Scans enterprise datasources for sensitive data stored in text and images.

    • Inspects hadoop, S3, NoSQL, RDBMS
    • Purpose-built classifiers for sensitive data like credit card numbers, SSNs, emails, phone numbers, and more
    • User-defined classifiers to identify sensitive data unique to your organization
    • Dashboard view of the sensitive data across Enterprise Data Sources
    • Incremental scanning
    Knowledge of sensitive data storage is tribal - Kogni makes it institutional
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  • Secure

    Secures sensitive data in Hadoop / Data Lake as it gets ingested.

    • Pre-built workflows to secure sensitive data once discovered
    • Protects data using Masking, Redaction, Encryption, Tokenization
    • Protects data in-place
    • Transparently secures sensitive data as it is ingested into data lake (hadoop, s3) with zero code changing
    Transparently secures sensitive data as it is ingested
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  • Monitor

    Continuously monitors data sources, and alerts in case of policy violations.

    • Continuous monitoring of Sensitive data
    • Alerts on changes in sensitive data location, volume, and activity
    • Enables data governance initiatives by monitoring for policy violations
    Alerts on sensitive data proliferation
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