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Knowing where all your sensitive data lives is step one to reaching your data-centric security goals. Make compliance with CCPA, GDPR and other regulations easy with Kogni’s discover solution features like out-of-the-box and custom data classifications.

kogni secure


It’s not enough to know where all your sensitive data lives, you’ve got to secure it as it’s ingested to provide advanced threat protection. Kogni’s Secure solution is a must for your data loss prevention strategy.

kogni monitor


Seeing is believing! Kogni provides an industry leading security compliance monitoring tool equipped with sensitive data alerts so you can manage policy violations with ease. Kogni’s monitoring solution is next generation data security.

we are cloudera certified technology

Kogni is a Cloudera Certified Technology

What Kogni Means to You

Enables you to easily comply with CCPA, plus GDPR, PCI, PHI, HIPAA, FERPA, SOC 1 & SOC 2, ISO 27001 and others
Supports the largest number of data sources including RDBMS, NoSQL, s3, Hadoop
Easy and cost-effective to implement – because it’s not your traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution
Secures both on-premise and cloud data sources – so you can take full advantage of your investment in cloud
Gives you single-pane-of-glass visibility across all your databases, data environments, and geographies
Leverages AI and Machine Learning to maximize accuracy through continuous learning
Discovers sensitive data in all types of file formats including unstructured text files and images for comprehensive enterprise data security
Provides multi cloud support AWS, Azure, GCP to give flexibility and align with your cloud strategy
Provides out of the box purpose-built classifiers for a wide variety of sensitive data and custom classifiers for data unique to your company

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